Morningside Drive

14 July 08

Third Grade – Morningside Elementary

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I remember little of 3rd grade. We made more calendars. I got very good at it. We were still sitting at tables, not desks. We didn’t “graduate” to desks until 4th grade.

With a pretty good grip on the basics of reading and addition and subtraction, we began to delve into the mysteries of multiplication and division while getting more complex in terms of adding and subtracting longer columns of numbers that were 2 and 3 and 4 digits! That was fun. But mostly, I enjoyed reading.

I think that was the year that Sally W called my mother a bad name, and I got into a fist fight with her. I got a thick lip and she had a lump under her eye. Amazing how we remember such things. I heard she had become the editor of a motorcycle magazine at one time.

Stanley T threw up one afternoon, and Mrs. S. had to clean it up. Then she ran up the hall and got sick, too. She couldn’t deal with people throwing up. Stanley became a pediatrician. I ended up taking my 3 kids to him for a while at one point.

The rest of thrid grade wasn’t particularly memorable.


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