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8 March 09

Miss Lowell’s 6th Grade

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I really don’t remember anything remarkable about 6th grade. I remember that I had two best friends. We did a lot of things together, such as going to the concerts held for schools by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. I went to every one every year that they were offered. So did Ann, and so did Jenny. Ann was in my class, and Jenny went to a different school, but was in my Sunday School. I was pretty close to each of them – that year probably the closest. We were on the brink of adolescence and were somewhat scared, so we clung to each other as much as we could.

That year I made the usual grades – Miss Lowell still graded on handwriting and I earned a D. I had A’s in reading, spelling, and science, B’s in arithmetic, and social studies.

In that day and time, there were no AP classes – especially in grade school – so I was stuck following the rest of the class and bored to tears most of the time.

I didn’t like Miss Lowell. She was rude, strident, and a petty dictator. I suppose she would be shocked to know how some of us remember her, and I don’t know that she would care. Based on my memories of her, I don’t think she would. But, then, the recollections of pre-teen years from the ancient age of the mid-60s probably are not that accurate in details – just the overview.


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