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10 September 09

Meme for Thursday

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Today I’m posting a recipe from my childhood. I started cooking children’s recipes when I was about 7 years old and could reliably follow simple directions well. When you read this, post a recipe from your childhood on your blog. Then post as link to it in the comments of this blog post.

Candle Salad
1 serving

leaf of lettuce
1 pineapple ring
1/2 of a straight banana, peeled and de-stringed
marischino cherry
Mayonnaise to taste

Put the lettuce leaf on a salad plate. Put the pineapple ring on the lettuce leaf in the center of the plate. Take the banana and stand it up on the pineapple ring. Press it down a little so the pineapple ring will support it. Trim the tip off the banana, and press a maraschino cherry on the top of the banana. Dribble mayonnaise down the sides of the banana so it looks like dripping candle wax.

You can serve as a salad or as a dessert!


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  1. Sorry, m’dear — my childhood was so chaotic that I seriously thought a recipe was 1/2 box cereal mixed with cold milk! 😉

    Comment by Mrs. Mutton — 10 September 09 @ 6:50 pm |Reply

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