Morningside Drive

11 September 09

Momma’s Humor

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Back in the early 40’s – mid 60’s, Momma worked for Retail Credit Company (now Equifax). It was among the stuffiest of the stuffy businesses – a national company, well known, well run. Now Momma had at least as wacky a sense of humor, if not wackier, than I have. This is a true story.

One day, back in the 50’s, she went to lunch with her office cohorts. And they got a little giddy telling stories and jokes to each other. On the way to the elevator, Momma started skipping – wearing a very full skirt and ankle-strap platform spike heels, and doing her toneless little tune (“doin-te-de-doin-te-de-doin…”). At the elevator, she whirled around, spreading her full skirt almost up to her waist – only to discover her “friends” had disappeared, and she was face-to-face with – the president and two vice-prexys of RCC! She just grinned and said, “Well, at least my morale is high!” They laughed, and Momma rode up the elevator with the stuffed shirts – chatting and laughing together. Her friends reappeared 3 elevators later and were amazed to find her at her desk just as calm as could be! I HOPE I have inherited her sense of humor!!


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