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20 October 09

Daybook for 10/20/09

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A Simple Woman’s Daybook

A Simple Womans Daybook

A Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today… Tuesday, October 20th 2009

I am thankful for… my husband and the rest of my family

Prayer tablet… for the souls of David, Olen, Robert and Samuel; for the health of my husband, the children and grandchildren; for too many friends to list, but especially Suzanna, Marina, and Diane.

Outside my window… A cool, late autumn sun tries to enlighten my world, but there is no warmth and no brightness to the day.

I am thinking… of how to clean out the car, get packed and still get the three cases on my desk completed.

I am wearing… Crocs, fleece socks, sweat pants, a long-sleeved shirt and a quilted jacket. I’m still cold!

I am reading… The Winter Queen by Boris Akunin – pretty good so far!

I am hoping… Emmy and I pass the ADI (Assistance Dogs International) public access test this weekend

I am creating… nothing – I’m feeling very uncreative at the moment

I am hearing… the swish – swash of the dishwasher

Around the house… there are lots of cobwebs and little spiders.

From the learning rooms… I’m studying some medical conditions that are new to me in order to address issues in a case.

Noticing that… this world is slipping even further down the slippery slope {cribbed from Peggy, but I feel that way, too}

From the kitchen… Sally Lunn bread and (ersatz) clotted cream – both made by my wonderful husband.

Around town… preparations for Halloween – something we do NOT observe. I’ll need to make the yearly sign.

One of my favorite things… little Emmy

A few plans for the rest of the week… driving on Friday to Columbia SC for Emmy’s recertification.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you… (missing Matthew who was not yet born).

Bamma and Crew

Bamma and Crew


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  1. I just saw this new post, Elizabeth. {{Hugs}} Try drinking ginger tea made by pouring boiling water over a slice or two of fresh ginger. It’s very warming to the blood. Also, try a tiny pinch, or even just a few grains, of cayenne pepper in whatever hot drink you have, even coffee. If you use use a few grains, you won’t even taste it, but cayenne pepper is very good for increasing circulation, thus helping to warm you up. Also, use cinnamon on oatmeal, toast, in your coffee, on yogurt, in soup, in stir-fries–anywhere you’d like. Cinnamon is also warming, but not as much as fresh ginger and cayenne.

    Hang in there. A ‘brown study’ mood is to be expected after the loss of a family member.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you and Emmy this weekend!

    Comment by Suzanne — 22 October 09 @ 6:14 am |Reply

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