Morningside Drive

20 October 09

Monday Meme

Filed under: Memes — by turtlemom3 @ 11:39 am

How do you define honesty?

Telling the truth without withholding anything; being dependable and frank; keeping one’s word; giving a full day’s work for one’s pay.

What is the main thing that makes you unique?

My cheerful outlook on life.

What is your biggest fear or worry?

Being alone; being abandoned.


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  1. I just saw this new post, Elizabeth. {{Hugs}} Try drinking ginger tea made by pouring boiling water over a slice or two of fresh ginger. It’s very warming to the blood. Also, try a tiny pinch, or even just a few grains, of cayenne pepper in whatever hot drink you have, even coffee. If you use use a few grains, you won’t even taste it, but cayenne pepper is very good for increasing circulation, thus helping to warm you up. Also, use cinnamon on oatmeal, toast, in your coffee, on yogurt, in soup, in stir-fries–anywhere you’d like. Cinnamon is also warming, but not as much as fresh ginger and cayenne.

    Hang in there. A ‘brown study’ mood is to be expected after the loss of a family member.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you and Emmy this weekend!

    Comment by Suzanne — 22 October 09 @ 6:13 am |Reply

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