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30 March 10

54 Ways to Respond to “You Look Good”

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* This list can be reprinted. Please see the attribution instructions at the end:

1. I am hangin’ in there…

2. I am so blessed. God is so good.

3. Drugs are a wonderful thing.

4. I have my good days and I have my bad days.

5. I clean up well.

6. I have my ‘good’ days….but this isn’t one of them!

7. Thanks, I wish I felt better.

8. That’s a perfect example of how you can never judge a book by it’s cover.

9. Thanks, but there are many aspects of MS (or RA, or fibromyalgia, or …) which you don’t see … would you like to know more about it?

10. That’s what most people think since pain can’t be seen most of the time. Have you heard about Invisible Illness Week? It’s really helpful to let people know that most illness is invisible.

11. I’m trying to appreciate that fact. I know the day may come when I have to use a wheelchair or a cane, and my illness will be more visible.

12. You should be on the inside.

13. Thanks. I have more to be grateful for than I have to complain about – which means I have a LOT to be grateful for!

14. Well I guess I did good job on my makeup, because I am having a hard time to tell the truth.

15. …And that’s all that really matters, isn’t it?

16. Powder and paint, make you what you ain’t!

17. It took a lot of work to look like this.

18. It’s God shinning through me.

19. It’s nice of you to think so, but you’re missing the pain and agony that I really am in.

20. And you look so wise. Looks can be deceiving though, huh?

21. I’m having a “good face” day.

22. Yeah. My kid thinks it’s cool I’m an ill person working under-cover!

23. I do a great job hiding how I really feel.My life is still very challenging and probably will always be, but I am hanging in there, keeping a positive faith, and gratitude as THE attitude. Thanks for their concern.

24. I’m trying my best to do well OVER my circumstances instead of being under them!

25. It’s up and down.

26. I’m still struggling, but it IS nice to have a day when I am able to pull myself together and make it out of the house!

27. I’m not complaining about my looks.

28. I’m very good at pretending.

29. Good, because if I looked like I feel it would scare you to death.

30. Actually, I still am really hurting…

31. I am 36 years old outside but 85 inside.

32. Thank you. I’m on my way to the Oscars.

33. Thanks, I’m grateful for this good day.

34. Things aren’t always what they seem.

35. Praise God, I’m glad that he enables me to look so much better than I feel.

36. Thanks, that’s God’s joy shining through!

37. Have you ever heard of the spoon theory?

38. I am upright which is better the alternative.

39. Thanks, want to swap bodies for a few days?

40. Thanks, I guess I am fortunate that I have an illness that can’t be seen.

41. Thanks. I like good days.

42. Want to step inside my skin?

43. It’s amazing what a shower can do. I guess I am all cried out for now.

44. Thanks…I wish I felt it!

45. I’m not complaining about my looks.

46. I’m very good at pretending.

47. Looks can be deceiving (and smile)

48. Thank God for makeup!

49. Thank you for caring. I try to act like I feel better than I really do.

50. Thanks, I am trying to even though it will never go away. i just try to remember things could be worse.

51. I’d be great if it wasn’t for the pain.

52. I’d complain but who wants to listen.

53. If I can’t feel good, at least I am determined to look good!

54. I’m in good shape for the shape I am in!

What do you say? Or what would you say if you could say anything (keep it clean!)

* This list can be reprinted. Please add the following at the end:
This list is compliments of National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week at, based on a survey of over 1200 respondents. Get involved in Invisible Illness Week each year during September, including our 5-day virtual conference online.


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