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27 December 10

Daybook 12/27/11

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Simple Womans Daybook

Simple Woman's Daybook


Turtlemom in the great SE of the USA

The clock says:

tick – tick – tick – tick

The weather outside is:

dreary – snow is melting

I am remembering:

my little Momma, how much I loved her; and how much I miss her. She loved weather like this

I am going:

Nowhere today.

I am reading:

case records – difficult to decipher handwriting

I am hoping:

for the healing of my dear Ol’ Curmudgeon’s heart

On my mind:

Remembrance of death – and the nature of repentance

Noticing that:

Magnus (our beautiful black cat) is losing ground daily – don’t believe he will be with us by the end of the year

Pondering these words:

” …A man whose very life is a lie is one who is licentious and pretends to be temperate…” from Dorotheos of Gaza Discourses

From the kitchen:

Lucious French bread made by the Ol’ Curmudgeon

Around the house:

cleaning time – how to do it and still get cases done?

One of my favorite things:

Watching Emmy sleep at my feet on her new bed

From my picture journal:

St. Euphrosynos, the Cook

St. Euphrosynos, the Cook

St. Euphrosynos, the Cook, hangs over the door of the kitchen where we can ask his intercessions while we are making meals.

I am remembering:

nothing much – trying to live in the present rather than the past

Little scraps from my desk:

an old receipt from the grocery showing we purchased the makings for Gazpacho – YUM!

Blessings list:

the Ol’ Curmudgeon continues to be gainfully employed despite all the recession/depression – for which we praise God and give Glory to Him for All Things

I am wearing:

My usual: night-gown and long, warm, fuzzy, dark-green robe and Crocs. Need to get some socks on, though

What’s in the reading basket:

Michael Newton, “Serial Slaughter: What’s Behind America’s Murder Epidemic?” The guy doesn’t quite understand prenatal development and nutrition, yet tries to appear as an authority. This puts his entire thesis in question.

Worthy to watch:

The O’Reilly Factor on FoxNews at 8:00pm Eastern time

Music to my ears:

Christmas music compiled from numerous sources. I’ve decided that no one can write Christmas carols as well as the British – intrigued with John Rutter’s compositions.

Steps towards simplicity:

clearing off the dining room table; have cleaned out my “nest” corner.

My idea corner:

A blackberry with a larger keyboard and easy-to-synchronize-to-PC database. Yeah. That’s what I want.

Kitchen journal:

Time to get pics together and post Himself’s Gazpacho recipe on his blog

A home comfort:

Electric lap blanket. Mine is about 10 years old, now, and I probably should toss it out and get a new one, but I just love it in cold weather.

Nature notes:

Hope the little bushes planted in the fall survive the cold!

Prayer tablet:

Especially for James (stage 4 lymphoma)

Taking out an ad:

RA Warrior – is fighting a good fight for all of us with rheumatoid arthritis!

Parting words to the Society:

Back to work!


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