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About Morningside Drive

I was raised on East Morningside Drive in Atlanta. This was back in the 40’s and 50’s when Ansley Mall was a dairy farm, and one could bicycle from home to Westbrook’s Drug Store, get some comic books (10 cents each) and an ice cream cone (5 cents a scoop), eat the ice cream cone while reading the comic books seated on the rest of the comic books on the display (and no one said anything to you unless you spilled ice cream on them – then you were expected to purchase the ruined comics), and your parents didn’t worry about you.

I was part of that last generation that had some freedom – no managed time, no helicopter moms, no sending the kids to “the best” pre-school possible. Moms pretty much stayed home, OR there was a surrogate Mom at home. I was expected to go out in the morning to play, come home for lunch, go back out and come home for supper. There was reasonable reporting of location: “I’m going to Bucky’s.” Several hours later, “I’m going to Andrea’s.” Two hours later, “We’re all going down to Westbrook’s.” On a Saturday morning, it might be even more vague – “I’m going down into the woods.” That’s all. The woods spanned the backs of all the houses on East Morningside Dr. and East Rock Springs from Piedmont to the point where East Rock Spring and East Morningside Dr. met. And it was pretty much a deep ravine with about 3 acres of trees, vines, poison ivy, bushes, wild azaleas, rhododendrons, a contaminated creek, compost heaps, snakes, frogs, squirrels, chipmunks, turtles, stray dogs and cats, the occasional raccoon, and the even less frequent opossom. We could avoid being seen by the neighbors – especially during the summer when there was thick foliage. I won’t go into all the stuff that went on down in the woods – but those who know pre-pubescent and pubescent boys and girls can simply let your imaginations go wild – you probably are correct.

Did our parents know what was happening? Probably not.

So, why do I call this Morningside Drive? Because just as living on Morningside Drive was when my initial fumblings at life, the universe and everything began, so this blog was when my first fumblings in the blogosphere began. And the occasional post will reminisce about my early life on Morningside Drive – where, like Lake Wobegone, “life was good, the women were all strong, the men were good looking and the children were all above average.”

This blog started somewhere else, but because of problems with the provider, I am moving it here, bit by bit, along with some Ladies Daybook Pages and some other posts about my past.

NOTE: This Blog is a natural product made from 100% recycled electrons. The slight variations in spelling and grammar enhance its individual character and beauty and in no way are to be considered flaws or defects.


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