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13 April 13

Stardate: -309718.264174277 – 17,486 and Counting!

130413WordCountWell, I’m now up to 17,486 words. Not breaking any speed records, but continuing to work on the book. I’m doing some needed research. In the throes of NaNoWriMo, I didn’t take the time to do the research I need to do. So now is the research time. It’s better now than earlier, though. Several things need researching I didn’t even know back in November that I would need to know about! Ah, well! I’ll keep on working on it! I OWE it to Tevis, Punjab and Tevis’s children! [Tevis is the protagonist and Punjab is her Goldendoodle mobility service dog.]


I’m looking at wheelchair self-defense techniques right now. There are, believe it or not, several methods! But none of them are workable for someone with Rheumatoid Autoimmune Disease (RA). Neither are any of the Cane-Fu methods. OK. So where do I go from here in terms of her self-defense? Hee-Hee!! that’s a secret! 😀

In the meantime, I’m continuing to develop characters – Tevis, her children, Punjab, a few friends, and some other contacts. Writing a coherent, believable, mystery is a LOT harder than even I thought! I will persevere, however, despite multiple distractions (not the least being my ever-lovin’ husband, Himself! :-D)

See you later.


1 November 12


This has got to be the MEME of all MEME’s!

Ya’ know – there just aren’t enough hours and minutes in a day already, but I let myself get “sucked in” by NaNoWriMo [National Novel Writing Month], and now I find a mystery novel oozing out of my fingers. The name will be Left Wheel Forward. “An older woman, confined to a wheelchair and in chronic pain, gets out and about with her teen-aged grandson to help solve the murder of a neighbor. In the process she begins to learn self-defense techniques a disabled person can use, and puts them to use when the murderers attack her. Her family is unenthusiastic at first, wanting to protect her, but in the end they are proud of her independence and initiative.”

I understand that sometimes “characters don’t want to go there,” and that summary might change some. As I envision it, the protagonist is very loosely autobiographical. The events are not. I’ve never been involved in a murder – hope never to be involved in a murder. If I were, I don’t think I would get involved to the extent that my heroine does – but then, maybe I would! Won’t know unless it should happen – and I DON’T want it to happen to any of my family, friends, or neighbors! It’s fun, however, to play around with “what if’s.”

You can keep track of my progress with the widget in the right-hand column. I trust I will accomplish the goal of 50,000 words in November.

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